A Deeper Look

You’ve heard the old philosophical question, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? But what no one ever asks is, what happens when the unstoppable force and the immovable object decide to work together? This is, we believe, what happened when Katie and I decided to team up and join forces.

She is the Unstoppable Force; jam-packed with, and constantly spewing, raw creative energy, and sheer talent. She has an unparalleled knack for not only determining what looks and works the best but also, turning a vision into reality. She in no way, shape, or form fits into the typical mold of the “husband and wife photography team.” She’s not your typical sidekick. She’s a hand grenade, a smoking gun, and an absolute rockstar!

I am the Immovable Object; uncompromising in my pursuit of value, beauty, and authenticity in my work and have an obsession with drawing out a person’s true personality, however big, or nuanced, it may be. I am unswerving in my great quest to, essentially, capture lighting in a bottle.

Through our integrated approach we strive to create imagery that is packed with beauty, and filled to the brim and running over with life. After all, images with life will live on, forever.