“We are super awkward in front of the camera!”

We hear this ALL THE TIME. Most people are not super comfortable in front of the camera and it’s our job to help you with this! We will help direct you guys as much (or as little) as you need. We work hard to cultivate an environment where you are free to fully be yourselves, can have genuine interaction with your significant other, and look dang good while doing it!


How much direction do you give on photoshoots?

The simple answer is, as much as we need to! Some people need lots of direction and some people don’t. This is where Katie and I work very well together. I tend to be more concerned with the emotional content of an image, what I think of as its ‘believability factor’. If the composition of an image is perfect, but the chemistry and sparks that a couple evidently has isn’t, well... evident, then the image has little value in my opinion.. While I’m honing in on this, Katie is busy making sure that you look super cool in the process.


“My partner HATES having their photo taken!”

We hear this one constantly and, in most cases, it tends to be guys who feel this way. Just know that, we’ll never ask anyone to do something that feels unnatural for them. But we promise you that, when it’s all said and done, they’ll find it to have been a relatively painless experience, if not an enjoyable one!   

 I’m a “Type A personality.”

Rest assured that, come wedding day, we’ll be prepared. We’ll be on time, we’ll have done our homework, we’ll have a contingency plan for things like inclement weather, and we’ll be ready to rock n’ roll! Also you, Type A’s, are often fiercely opinionated about what you want the end results of the shoot to be. We love to hear your ideas, collaborate with you and will do everything we can to help bring your vision to life!!

I’m a “Super laid back bride”

Cool, we will help guide you. We will make sure we let you know of anything we need from you (family shot list, locations of where everyone is where and when etc.) to help make your wedding day photos go smoothly and turn out beautifully.

Does Katie second shoot with you?

Yes, but only for a select number of weddings each year. She makes it out to almost all of the portrait sessions though- but with two kiddos we’ve decided to limit the amount of weekends that we are both gone. However, if she’s not shooting with me on a wedding then one of my second shooters that we’ve trained will be there.


How can I book Katie to do my hair and makeup?

Katie is an absolute wonder at making people look and feel their best! Most of the work on our site is her MUAH handywork. If you’re interested, just let us know, and Katie will get in touch with you and guide you through the details.


What if you haven’t shot our wedding venue before?

We love shooting at new venues and we love the chance to bring some fresh perspective to a space. We do our homework, show up early to scout, and make sure we highlight the most beautiful spots, from the best angles, with the best lighting.


Do you shoot film or digital?  

We use a hybrid of both.


How do we receive the images that are shot on film?

Everything shot on film is developed and scanned. From there, I do any post production work needed and you receive them as digital files.


Are you guys located in Dallas or Austin?

We moved to Dallas from Austin to be near family after we started having kids- but we consider them home base and do not charge travel fees for Austin, unless the event lasts multiple days.


Do you shoot weddings outside of Austin & Dallas area?

All the time! If it’s a travel wedding we’ll come up with a custom quote for you and then we’ll handle all of our own travel arrangements from there.


Can we use points to book flights and hotels for you guys?

Definitely, we can usually work that out, no problem. Just let us know if you’re if you’re considering that as an option and we can figure that out when we give your quote.


We don't really care about doing an engagement session…

Whether you do one or not, we’re still going to create magic on your wedding day! We also understand that many of our clients are coming in from out of state and sometimes it’s just not practical to make the engagement shoot happen. That being said….we really love doing them with our clients and, time and time again, they tell us how glad they were that they did it and tell us what a HUGE boost of confidence it gave them going into their wedding day.


How long does it take to get our photos back?

6 weeks for weddings and 2 weeks for portrait sessions


Do we get all of our photos?

Yes! We’ll omit the duplicates and unflattering stuff and pass along the rest. Typically you’ll receive 600-1,000 images from the wedding day- it just depends on how long we are shooting. But we don’t put a limit on how many you get.


Are all the photos edited?

Absolutely!! We don’t just put our best foot forward here. Your photos will look consistent throughout your entire wedding. We aren’t going to give you anything we wouldn’t feel proud to show off.


How do you deliver photos?

We send you a hard copy on a drive as well as creating a custom online gallery (we use PASS) with full, High-Resolution images. This is a really fun and easy way to view and share images with all of your family and friends.


Do you have past reviews from other couples?

We do! Check out our reviews (HERE).


We are clueless with where we would want to do our engagement photos and what to wear..

No problem! Katie is really the heavy lifter here.. She spends A LOT of time scouting locations, helping clients on the wardrobe styling side of things, and any other elements that play into the shoot. She is an incredible stylist and loves helping clients pull this all together in a way that really fits them.


Can we see a full gallery?

Of course! When you inquire, we will be sure to send you some.

How much is the retainer fee?

1K to book the date! The remainder is due 1 month before the wedding.

Are you able to work with budgets?  

This is no one’s favorite part but we promise to be upfront with you and candid with you about the topic- and we hope you’ll do the same! A lot of care has gone into calculating our pricing (not to mention the high costs of running a photography business) and we truly feel that what we give our clients is absolutely worth the investment. That being said, we won't be offended if you are someone that has a budget that isn't quite a fit for us, and you want to reach out. We will definitely consider it- especially if it's a last minute deal, or a smaller gathering that doesn't really require all that a typical wedding involves.