Timeless Wedding Photography With an Artistic Edge

You visit an art gallery looking to buy a painting and are presented with two options:

Buy a beautiful, existing piece of art based solely on the artist's vision.​​​​​​​
Commission a painting and collaborate with the artist to create something 100%
personal to you.

Which would you choose?

Let Me Paint You a Picture...

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If you prefer something personal and true-to-you,​​​​​​​

aryn, bride

“There are two types of wedding photographers in the world. You have the "cookie-cutter" photographer or one that recreates every wedding image you have seen on Instagram.
And then you have Matthew Moore Photography.”

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Like a commissioned painting, I view photography as a way to create something personal.

And while I don't consider myself an artist, I know when to paint inside and outside of the lines.

In other words, I know that sometimes the unexpected can turn out to be cooler than the expected. Being flexible can open doors to something bigger and better. And taking a leap of faith can lead to something even more rewarding than playing it safe.

This is my approach to photography.

It's a little raw. A little risky. But in the end, it's a whole lot of the real you.

Matthew Moore


Meredith, bride

“Matt's photographs brought those feelings back with startling clarity. That's what we love about his style - he's able to convey the emotion in an artistic and unique way.”

No trademark poses. No fussy portraits. No copy and paste styles.
Just genuine images that capture your chemistry and remind you of the love that led you here.

An Artistic Direction 


Photos with real meaning and memories attached to them. Because other than portraits, I refuse to stage a moment.

Honest Memories

One-of-a-kind images that combine your vision and my approach to create something original and reflective of you.

Unique Vision

A blend of film and digital mediums used to capture the natural colors, flattering tones and gorgeous light of this memorable day.

timeless photos

Encouragement that makes you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. And helps you think less and feel more.

Helpful Direction

Room to explore and ride the wave of your emotions while I fade into the background and capture them as they naturally unfold.

Candid Moments


“We were looking for someone who would capture more of the emotion rather than just the traditional portraits, and Matthew exceeded all of our expectations. Every photo is beautiful, natural, and captures how special the day was.