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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This is a picture of a much younger and much less handsome version of myself sitting in front of some cool wallpaper that my wife picked out. I remember using this wallpaper as the backdrop for the very first engagement session I photographed. 

What you couldn't tell from the engagement photos, though, was that two feet to the right, the contractor was laying the wallpaper. 

To me, this story is the essence of my career. 

Because sometimes you can only see so far ahead. Sometimes you can only "cross that bridge when you get to it." Sometimes the tracks are laid before you. 

It's simply a matter of having the guts to keep stepping out in faith that if you seek, "ye shall find."


Perfectly Imperfect Photography

It might surprise you, but on your wedding day, you'll spend more time with your photographer than your significant other. So, it goes without saying that getting along with your photographer is essential.

I can give you all the pros about why connecting personally with your photographer matters. But I'll leave you with just this one: It's how you get the intimate images you want.

This is why, from our first conversation, I take the time to get to know you and make sure we sync philosophically.

who it benefits

Personal Connection

Natural and candid means different things to different couples. Here's what it means to me:​​​​​​​

• You'll remain present as I fade into the background.

• You'll have room to breathe and explore in an environment cultivated for you to feel safe being yourselves.

• You'll interact with each other naturally. So that when I do give you direction, it still looks and feels natural in your photos.

what it means

Natural Images

If you can't see the chemistry between two people in a portrait, in my opinion, that image is as good as useless.

This is why I'll never stage or fake a moment for the sake of a picture. Therein lies madness and the opposite of genuinity.

Instead, I look for unscripted moments and quiet interactions. And the nuanced, subtle emotions that more accurately tell the story of your relationship.

why it matters

Genuine Moments

Jessica, bride

“We never would have gotten such beautiful shots if we weren't comfortable and totally at ease with Matt. That's the big difference - the way he makes his subjects feel. How he can study them and capture special moments, [and] his eye for finding the best composition.

Although I take a more backseat approach to photography, I'm more hands-on when it comes to portraits. However, after 12 years of photographing weddings, I also know that giving too many prompts can paralyze people.

So, I'll provide you with as little guidance - like a slight tweak of the placement of your hand. Or as much direction - like the angle of your body, as you need to feel comfortable.

You'll commonly hear me say, "Say it with your eyes." This is my way of getting you to remember the significance of this day. And to help you think less and be more present.

The end result?: Photos you look dang good in.

when it helps

Encouraging Guidance

Come wedding day, I'm ready to rock n' roll. I'm familiar with the details. I'm prepared for inclement weather. And I'm scouting the best locations for backgrounds and lighting - all before I ever load my first roll of film.

But unlike other photographers that might be scared to deviate from the planned path, I am no stranger to rolling with the punches.

Above all else, I will always follow the path that creates the most genuine, authentic photos for you.

where it counts

Flexible Control

Sara, bride

“Matt and Katie have a candid, relaxed, and unobtrusive way of shooting - combined with an editorial feel that makes everyone and everything look fabulous. They go with what feels right and natural and worked with us to figure out what we wanted.

“Moore” About Matthew

                                                                                                           Just kidding. I hate them with a passion. And yes, I'm aware that I live in Texas - a place where all three are notorious.


                          What's life without laughter? Throw in some sarcasm and a dry sense of humor in with my chill yet serious personality, and you've pretty much got me pegged.

Humor |

                                         Because being like everyone else is boring. This is the reason I let your personalities dictate the direction of your photos instead of using templated poses.

Originality |

                                      I toe the line between being serious and super chill. I'm a go-with-the-flow, but also understand and appreciate structure, kind of person.


                                      When I'm not working or spending time with my family, I usually dabble in other art forms like songwriting and making music.


                           My wife Katie, our three kids, Clementine, Wolfgang, and Fritz, and our dog are what matter most to me in this life.

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“Matthew is an undercover perfectionist. He works harder than most and is simply more talented than most. He’s the real deal!”